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How to pay your subscription

Monthly instalment but direct debit
Credit card

Please select one of the five payment options listed:

1. Online

Please click here to renew online (only until 1 April 2015, after 1 April you must renew over the phone or with BPAY).

2. Cheque

(payment in full only) payable to the Australian Medical Association (Victoria) Limited.

3. Monthly instalment by direct debit

If direct debit was in place in 2014, this will continue for 2015 unless AMA Victoria is advised otherwise. If you continue with your direct debit you do not have to return the renewal form and we will commence your first 2015 payment in January. You only need to return this form if there is a change of address.

For new Direct Debit accounts, please complete the Direct Debit application and return with this form to AMA Victoria (email/postal/fax details are on the form).

AMA Victoria will debit 12  monthly instalments from your nominated bank account subject to the authority being received prior to 10 January 2015. Authorities provided after this date will have their account debited for any outstanding months in the first billing period.

Direct Debit is available via credit card. See 5 for details.

Please note a small administration fee is now applicable to monthly direct debit instalments.  For questions please contact us on 9280 8722.

4. Credit Card

Payment in full, or
Payment by monthly credit card deduction (Credit card direct debit only available on Visa and Mastercard).

5. BPay

Biller Code: 768218
Reference: refer to your renewal notice

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