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 As the gender demographics of General Practice evolves, it is imperative that female Family Physicans/General Practitioners have a seat at the table for the advocacy of both their profession and patients. The AMA is often called to represent General Practice to the public and to policy makers. It is vital that the unique perspectives of women are included in these discussions thus helping to represent the diversity that is Australia today.

Dr Karen Price

I feel the best way for me to act in my patients and the community's best interests as a doctor on a broader, health policy level is through the AMA. The AMA plays a vital role in advocacy of best quality health care for Australia at local, state and federal levels, and I have been able to find an incredibly satisfying way to participate through the organisation at every level of my medical career, from medical student to specialist. To learn from and engage through the AMA with other doctors from such varied backgrounds and experience, who are passionate about contributing to such a wide range of issues above their day to day clinical practice, and to be able to improve our healthcare system in this way, immeasurably broadens my professional satisfaction.

Dr Sarah Whitelaw, Emergency Medicine Physician

I am proud to be a member of the AMA family.  AMA sets the platform for the integrity of the medical profession as it represents the members best interests and gives a collective voice. AMA is able to address common issues faced by its members as and when they arise. Personally, as an AMA member, I have profited both financially and professionally. I can take solace from the fact that the AMA is extensively resourced to support me if required.

Dr Deep Joseph, GP

Why the Australian Medical Association? For me it’s all about medical values: helping patients, fighting disease, promoting health, learning and teaching, looking after the medical family. The AMA has a great history as the only organisation fighting for medical values in an increasingly hostile environment. Doctors need to join together under the AMA umbrella to ensure medical values remain strong in our society.

Professor Nicholas Keks, Psychiatrist

"Thank you for the information and advice that you recently provided. I am pleased to confirm that the employee entitlements discussed have been uneventfully secured. Your advice, I believe, was instrumental in facilitating a smooth and efficient process with my employer. The AMA has, over the years, helped to inform and/or guide me through unforeseen difficulties arising during the course of my medical training and thereafter. Complex issues of negotiation with employers, work benefits and harassment have been part of the repertoire. The easy accessibility of quality advice and professional support provided by the AMA has been a strong asset of the organization. This support has allowed me to focus on patient care and work. When I first obtained my membership as a resident, I was uncertain if I would benefit from it. Now, I know its true value. Once again, thank you for assisting me with my recent inquiry/issue. It’s reassuring to know that the AMA does protect its members. "

name withheld

"I am a member of the AMA because I like to be part of an organisation that looks after the interests of the Medical Profession. I have often had excellent medico- legal /financial advice pertaining to the management of my practice as and when I needed assistance."

Dr Mirin Nayagam, GP 

“Membership with AMA Victoria has been important to me at all stages of my career, from training as a resident through to my time working currently as a GP in practice. Along with the collegiate support, practical assistance has ranged from industrial relations advice and support as a young resident doctor then later as an employer of support staff. I have also benefited from reductions in bank interest rates and a range of other discounted services as well as practice management support and resources. The career representation and support provided to me by AMA Victoria has made me feel supported in my day-to-day professional life - whilst also providing me the peace of mind that the profession is being represented and protected now and for future generations.

Dr Mark Kennedy, GP

"AMA provides a unique platform for doctors of all generations, specialities and backgrounds to make a vital contribution to healthcare policy and the future of medicine. Involvement in the AMA offers insight into what is happening in hospitals, practices and government at all levels. Being involved in the AMA has made me appreciate medicine from a new and more informed perspective."

Dr Clare Finnigan, Junior Doctor

"The AMA is the premier medical organisation to represent all doctors whatever their medical discipline and associated medical affiliations. I went to the first Australian Medical Students' Association meeting in 1960 and I recently attended the 50th anniversary of the meeting of this organisation. I joined the AMA in 1963 and became a branch councillor of the Victorian AMA in 1983. I have remained here since to continue to support others and benefit in so many ways from this prestigious institution, which looks after doctors in many ways and at all times considers the welfare of their patients."

Dr Michael Troy, General Surgeon

"I belong to the AMA because it helps me be a better doctor."

Dr Brendan Steel, Obstetrician


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