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2012 AMAV Board Elections

At the Annual Election Meeting held on Tuesday 15 May the following members were elected as Directors of AMA Victoria:

Dr Stephen Parnis

Vice President
Dr Anthony Bartone

Directors without Portfolio
Dr Robyn Langham
Dr Gary Speck
Dr Xavier Yu

Directors elected in 2011 for two-year terms and therefore continuing as Directors in 2012 are:

Chair of Council
Dr Graham Burrows

Dr Bob Conyers

Directors without Portfolio
Dr Lorraine Baker
Dr John Leslie
Dr Leon Massage
Dr Roderick McRae

Substitute AMA Victoria Nominee to Federal Council
Following a change to the Constitution, Council was asked at the Annual Election Meeting to nominate an alternative member of the Board as the AMAV Nominee to Federal Council. The opportunity to do so arose as the in-coming President, Dr Parnis – who would normally be the Nominee – is already a member of Federal Council.

A ballot was held which resulted in Dr Anthony Bartone being nominated to the position on Federal Council.

Casual Vacancy, Fellow Representative on Council
The Annual Election Meeting saw Dr George Tippett appointed as Fellows Representative on AMA Victoria Council as a result of a casual vacancy. Dr Tippett joins Dr Sandra Hacker, Dr Gerald Segal, Dr Michael Troy and Dr Mark Yates as the five Fellows Representatives on Council.

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