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AMA applauds Libs' announcement to bring in Real-Time Prescription Monitoring.

Friday 14 November 2014

This long overdue and vital system will help stop "doctor shopping" , misuse and overdoses from prescription medications.

More Victorians die from prescription drug overdoses each year than on the state’s roads.
The Liberal Party's announcement to implement a real-time prescription monitoring system has been strongly welcomed by AMA Victoria. Real-time prescription monitoring has the potential to stop doctor shopping and script forgery, and can instead lead to help and support for those with addiction.

"The rising number of Victorians misusing, being addicted to and overdosing on prescription medications warrants government action through the implementation of real-time prescription monitoring. This is a much-needed announcement and many families will be relieved to hear this," Dr Tony Bartone, President of AMA Victoria said this morning.
"Doctors and pharmacists need to know when a patient was last prescribed / dispensed a drug of dependence".
AMA Victoria detailed the need for this system in our 2014-15 State Budget submission and also in our Whole of Government Drug and Alcohol Strategy submission in 2011.

AMA Victoria urges Labor and The Greens to match this announcement by also pledging to bring in a real-time prescription monitoring system, if elected.
Tasmania has done it successfully.
Victoria needs to follow suit.


Victorian Coroners recommendations for a real time prescription monitoring:

"In this respect, the evidence of the two doctors is consistent with the evidence Victorian coroners have heard repeatedly over the pat 15 years; that RTPM is an essential tool medical practitioners  need for clinical management of their patients. During this time, Victorian coroners have called for a Victorian RTPM system through their recommendations in at least 12 findings."
- Coroner Ian Gray, 12 August 2014
"These deaths will continue unabated if Victoria's current prescription monitoring practices are not changed."
- Coroner John Olle, 21 December 2011

" I merely add my voice to the chorus of coronial voices throughout Australia -who, for years, have recommended the development and implementation of a computer aided system to endeavour to manage the problem of ‘doctor shopping’ and ‘pharmacy shopping’. [...] The system would need to be readily available to all prescribing medical practitioners and/or dispensing pharmacies. It would also need to operate in real time.
- Coroner Phillip Byrne, 16 August 2002.


Felicity Ryan
Media and Public Affairs
AMA Victoria
0437 450 506

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