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Increase your practice capacity

Retaining the right people and building their skills is critical to achieving the success of your medical practice. The environment or culture of your practice also contributes significantly to the ability to achieve strategic goals, and needs to be constantly monitored. We offer you the opportunity to work with us, through a range of initiatives, including our Medical Practice Workforce Planning Service, to build your staff capacity and enhance your business.

The Medical Practice Workforce Planning Service supports medical practices to look at the capabilities and capacity of their staff now and into the future. We meet with you, discuss your objectives and assess your needs, then identify strengths and weaknesses in your current arrangements. We provide you with a final report, which contains a range of recommendations that will enable you to grow your business.

Here is a sample of the content that may be included in the Medical Practice Workforce Planning Service final report:

  • outline of current staff skills profile
  • opportunities to maximise business growth
  • learning and development recommendations
  • establishing a case for change which may incorporate a revised model for the practice staffing structure
  • draft position descriptions and key recruitment brief requirements
  • coaching and mentoring options for key practice staff.

This service fosters a positive workplace culture, increased client satisfaction and improved opportunity to increase business returns. It requires an integrated approach among key stakeholders within a medical practice, including principals, senior staff, the practice manager and staff. Our approach helps you ensure that you have the people you need and skills to achieve the goals of your medical practice.

Solutions Plus Training focuses on the delivery of professional development, including practical and personal skills development. We offer medical practices the opportunity to access industry-relevant:

  • short courses
  •   accredited training, through the Diploma of Practice Management.

Solutions Plus Training works with mppracticesolutions to provide a ‘one door’ point of service to build the capacity and capabilities of your staff. We know medical practices, we know the industry and we can help you find the solution. For a full range
of services go to: and

Contact us for further information on (03) 9280 8768

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