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Specialists in Public Hospitals

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What are the general conditions of employment for specialists in public hospitals?

The general conditions applying to all specialists employed in Victorian public hospitals are summarised below.

Minimum state wide terms and conditions of employment are set out in the AMA Victoria - Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2013.

Summary of major provisions

Detailed conditions may differ between hospitals and craft groups. General conditions include:

  •  hourly or weekly rate of pay based on years since becoming a specialist
  •  allowance in lieu of private practice for full time specialists
  •  on-call payments
  •  recall payments
  •  superannuation of 9 per cent
  •  reimbursement of continuing medical education expenses
  •  maternity leave of up to 12 months (10 weeks paid), paternity (1 week paid) and adoption leave
  •  public holidays
  •  sick/family leave (28 days per annum cumulative)
  •  sabbatical Leave (up to 6 months after 6 years of employment)
  •  annual leave of five weeks (if on call)
  •  compassionate leave
  •  conference leave (two weeks per annum, accumulating up to four weeks over two years)
  •  long service leave
  •  fractional allocation (for part-time specialists)
  •  dispute resolution processes.
  •  termination of employment (three months’ notice).

This is summary information provided as a general guide only, and should not be relied on without independent advice about your personal situation.

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