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Specialists in Public Hospitals

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Long service leave entitlements

Long service leave entitlements come from the AMA Victoria - Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2013
The entitlement is:

  • six months of long service leave after 15 years service, and
  • a number of pre-existing hospital Certified Agreements provide four months’ leave after 10 years’ service.

If employment ends after 10 years but before 15, a pro rata lump sum payment is made in lieu of long service leave.

What service counts for leave?

“Continuous service” includes service with any hospital, benevolent home, community health centre, society or association registered pursuant to the Health Services Act and periods serving in the armed forces. Service does not include service for which leave has been taken or payment in lieu received.

Continuous service includes:

  • time on paid annual, personal and long service leave
  • any absence (paid or unpaid) authorised in writing to count as service
  • any absence between engagements with one eligible employer and another, which is less than five weeks (excluding the amount of any annual leave and/or sick leave paid out on termination)
  • the dismissal of the doctor if the doctor is reemployed within two months
  • any absence in connection with the birth of a child of not more than 12 months
  • time spent as a registrar in a college auspiced specialist training program outside of Victoria.

Interstate doctors who commence employment with Victorian hospitals after 30 November 2008 will also have prior service with interstate government health services recognised.

The doctor must provide proof of service.

For a part-time specialist what hours are used to calculate my leave?

The average of the hours worked over the preceding two years of employment.

If I work at two Victorian public hospitals does my service at one hospital count for service at the other?

Yes as long as the service meets the criteria detailed above. Service at one hospital can be counted for assessing eligibility for long service leave at another hospital.

Is leave recognised for work overseas?

Generally work overseas is not recognised. The exceptions are:

  • if you are a registrar on a college auspiced specialists training program
  • if you continue as an employee of your Victorian hospital (ie. you are seconded)
  • if you are provided with leave of absence in writing from your Victorian employer and the employer confirms that the period of leave will be counted as service.

In all cases you should get written confirmation from your Victorian employer that the period will be counted as service, and you should clarify with your proposed new employer prior to finally accepting the position that they will recognise the time overseas.

Does service as a resident or registrar count for long service leave when I become a specialist?

Yes. Continuous service for long service leave purposes includes all public hospital service, not only service as a specialist.

Reference: AMA Victoria - Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2013 clause 28

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