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Why AMA Doctors?

AMA membership reflects a doctor's commitment to:

Your health

AMA member doctors are committed to doctor-patient relationships based on mutual respect and collaboration.

High ethical standards

Just as their predecessors have followed ethical pathways, including the Hippocratic Oath, AMA members are guided by high standards of ethical behaviour. The AMA Code of Ethics provides guidelines for doctors on relationships with patients, on ethical professional behaviour, on the dignity and comfort of dying patients and other critical clinical issues.

Advancing the health and standards of medical care for the community
  • AMA-member doctors share a commitment to improve access to quality medical services in the community.
  • Through their membership, they also stand behind the AMA’s efforts to advance medicine and to promote healthier lifestyles for Australians through methods including bipartisan lobbying for measures that will improve health.

Membership of the AMA Victoria is open to medical practitioners who hold current registration with the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria.

Use Doctor Search to find an AMA doctor near you or with special interests aligned with your health needs

See Choosing a Doctor to help you find the right doctor for you.