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Private Practice Resources and Templates

Pro-forma agreements 

This range of pro-forma contracts enables medical practitioners to effectively structure their business relationships.

Associateship Agreement

Includes extensive commentary and detailed advice for adopting an associateship so you can fully benefit from this form of independent practice with your colleagues. The draft agreement that can be tailored to the associateship’s specific needs, particularly in the event that services will be provided by a service entity. 

Licence to Occupy Agreement

Used where medical practitioners intend to provide a room or rooms within their clinic or practice premises to another medical practitioner or allied health provider. It includes standard provisions relating to the operation of the practice from the licensed rooms, as this may have a bearing on the overall business conducted by other medical practitioners operating their practices from the same clinic or premises. 

Partnership Agreement

A sensible starting position for medical practitioners entering into partnerships, it deals with the various aspects of operating in partnership with other medical practitioners, from the establishment of the partnership, through the distribution of profits and losses of the partnership, to the eventual dissolution of the partnership. 

Service Entity Agreement

Governs the relationship between the service entity and each of the practitioners receiving services from the service entity, including the payment of fees to the service entity. It is designed to bind the service entity and each doctor individually, allowing for practitioners to enter and leave the practice without disturbing the arrangements between the service entity and other practitioners. 


Manuals and other resources 

These medical practice resources provide guidance on day-to-day management, and are a source of help when issues arise.

AMA Victoria Privacy Law Information Kit

This is an invaluable resource to ensure medical practitioners and practices comply with their privacy obligations under commonwealth and state legislation. It is a practical kit that provides template documents, including a sample privacy policy for medical practices. The information contained within the document answers many questions that may arise about privacy obligations in the medical context. An essential tool for every medical practitioner and practice. 

Award Subscriber Service

Reduce the risk of potential prosecution and claims for back-pay. The Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010 and the Nurses Award 2010, along with the National Employment Standards (NES), detail the minimum conditions for staff employed by practices, and create legal obligations with which you must comply. This annual subscription service provides practical guidance on the application of the two Awards and the NES and is complemented with telephone advice. Exclusive to AMA Victoria members. 

Negotiating Contractual Arrangements between GPs

Negotiating conditions of engagement with a practice can be a challenge for GPs and principals alike. However, discussing and documenting arrangements up front and in a more formal way leads to more workable arrangements for GPs in their day-to-day practice. Formalised arrangements also allow for any issues that arise between GPs in the practice to be dealt with early on.

Joining the Dots in General Practice

An AMA conducted survey of GP members in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland that aims to ascertain the payments made to GPs working in practices through either a percentage of billings or hourly basis.

Orientation & Induction Tool for GPs and GP Registrars

This GP induction checklist template has been developed to practices in the orientation process of a new GP joining their team. The list includes items relevant to GP registrars. Download this FREE to personalise the template and adapt the items to your practice needs. 


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