AMA Victoria’s leadership coaching and professional development programs are designed to support you to develop the skills and behaviours required for effective collaborative leadership in a healthcare setting. Our coaching and professional development programs facilitate confidential, goal-directed, and supportive conversations with an expert leadership coach in a 1:1 or group setting. The purpose of our programs is to enable the design of individually tailored goals and action plans to support each person’s leadership development in their current role and context and support them to reach their goals. They are designed to be highly practical and implementable.

Effective outcomes would include:

Leadership development is an important part of ongoing professional development. As people become expert and experienced in their area of technical expertise, they often move into more senior roles where they are looked to for leadership and advice.

To do this leadership work well and with confidence, it is essential you invest in building your leadership knowledge, skill, and behaviours to be effective in building healthy, positive, and collaborative work cultures in which teams can thrive and perform. Often, this area of work is not a focus of their initial area of study and training, and that is where ‘in-role’ leadership development can help. 


Coaching Programs

Coaching is an effective method in supporting leadership development and can be highly beneficial for individuals and the organisations they are part of. 

We have four leadership coaching offerings developed specifically to support our members to develop their leadership capability. The solutions have been designed to support doctors at different stages of their career, whether they are an aspiring leader, a current manager who wants to lead better, or an experienced leader who wants to refine and develop their leadership style and approach.  

If you are unsure which program is best suited to your needs, you can call us on (03) 9280 8722 or email careers@amavic.com.au to discuss this with our team.

Please note that our special member rates can only be honoured only for those who remain AMA Victoria members for a minimum of 12 months (see terms and conditions). 

Individual sessions

Leadership Coaching Consult: 60 minutes 

This coaching engagement is designed to provide real time coaching in a role. You can use it as an introductory way to engage with a leadership issue or as a follow up session to a program. 


Leadership coaching programs

Emerging Leader coaching program: 4 session program for aspiring and emerging leaders 

A leadership program designed for aspiring medical and health leaders in the process of taking up and/or training for a leadership opportunity.

Typically, your current career stage would range from registrar, through to junior consultant / consultant <5years. You may be in either an informal leadership role or have recently moved into a formal leadership role.


Middle leader coaching program: 6 month & 12-month program options 

This program is designed for senior doctors consultant level >5 years who are in existing managerial and leadership roles in a range of environments, including: the public health system, private practice, academic and research, corporate, public health and medical administration etc. 

These roles require them to manage up and down within and across their organisation, as well as to collaborate and lead across other organisations. 


Senior leader coaching program: 6 month & 12-month program options

This program is designed for Senior Leaders - Head of Department / Medical Director and above whose roles require them to lead large and complex department(s) and/or organisations, as well as to collaborate and lead across other organisations. 

As senior leaders, they may be working in a range of environments including the public health system, private practice, academic and research, corporate, public health, government and medical administration etc. 


All leadership consults and programs are accessible to AMA Victoria members, AMA other state members and non-members for a fee. Members can access all leadership offerings at significantly reduced rates.

If you are not a member, you can click here to join.


Professional development programs

We offer two leadership professional development programs designed to support doctors at different stages of their career:

Emerging leader professional development program

The aim of the Emerging Leader Program is to support the next generation of doctors (PGY1-PGY10) to transition effectively into their roles in different health services and other specialty and practice settings. 

A key focus of the program is to support them to develop their leadership identity and to build a strong skill base for enacting leadership in their everyday work, as well as providing a solid foundation for stepping up into leadership positions in the coming years.

The program delivers 11.5 hours of learning facilitated in a group format over several sessions via interactive webinars/tutorials to ensure accessibility and inclusion of all members. The duration of the program ranges from 4.5 – 8 weeks, depending on format.


Middle leader professional development program

The Middle Leader program is a professional development course for doctors, consultant level and above, who are keen to develop their leadership capabilities. This program supports doctors who lead or manage teams in clinical/health settings which require them to both lead ‘up’ and ‘down’ to find their own leadership voice and style, and lead with confidence in complex collaborative environments. 

The program provides fourteen hours of leadership education delivered via four webinar modules, a group tutorial session, and a one-on-one coaching session across four to six weeks.



Our leadership development resources page

The leadership development resources page houses curated resources for members looking for further reading and other ‘toolkit’ type articles to support professional learning and development. 

Resources are in three broad categories – longer, in-depth reads; shorter ‘how-to’ articles, and books and webinars for following up areas of interest.      

Click here to view the leadership coaching resources page (you will need to be logged in as an AMA Victoria member).


If you need more information about AMA Victoria’s Career Advisory Service, contact our consultants between 9am – 5pm, Monday - Friday: (03) 9280 8722 or careersadvisor@amavic.com.au.

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