#1 It’s time to book your flu vaccination

18 April, 2018

AMA Victoria is now urging people to book an appointment at their GP clinic to receive their yearly influenza vaccination.

We commend the State Government for making vaccination against influenza available free of charge to all children aged six months to five years. This vaccine will be available by May from your GP. Flu vaccination is also free to people aged 65 and over, and others in higher risk categories including pregnant women, people with asthma and others with significant health issues. AMA Victoria encourages patients to discuss this further with their GP.

“We recommend waiting until at least mid-April to receive your vaccine, as this will give you the best chance of immunity during what is usually the worst of the flu season, from June through to the end of September,” AMA Victoria President, Dr Lorraine Baker said. “The time to book your appointment has come.”

Last year, Victoria experienced one of the state’s worst ever flu seasons. There were more than 3,941 reports of children hit by the flu – compared with 871 the year prior. Already in Queensland the flu season has begun with record numbers of cases.

“Immunising against the flu helps protect others who may not be able to receive the vaccine and by reducing cases will allow our hospitals to be able to function normally,” Dr Baker said. “Last year, hospitals were put under enormous strain due to large numbers of admissions of both adults and children suffering from the flu.”

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