#11 Were you paid properly over Easter?

13 June, 2018

Some members in the public health sector have raised concerns that they were not properly paid for work over the Easter period. There were four public holidays at Easter: Friday 30 March, Saturday 31 March, Sunday 1 April and Monday 2 April.

Sunday 1 April is not specifically mentioned in the AMA Doctor in Training or Specialists Agreements as a public holiday but it is picked up by the public holiday clause in each agreement - and it is a declared public holiday in Victoria.

If you did not work on any of these days you were entitled to be paid an ordinary day’s pay for each public holiday. This includes public holidays which fall on your rostered off days. If you worked on any of the public holidays you were entitled to be paid the public holiday rate of 2.5 times your ordinary rate of pay.

Each public holiday which falls on a day on which you are rostered to work counts as part of your ordinary hours for that week. For example:

There is a suggestion that some health services have not included public holidays falling on a rostered work day as counting as part of the ordinary hours of work. There is also a suggestion that some health services have not paid for all four public holidays.

Please contact AMA Victoria on (03) 9280 8722 if you consider that you have not been paid correctly for the weeks in which public holidays fall. 

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