#105 New digital Vicdoc in 2020


11 October 2019


Dear Member, 

Vicdoc magazine is highly valued by AMA Victoria members and we greatly enjoy bringing together a publication that is interesting, engaging and relevant for our doctors and medical students.

Over the last five years, the increasing costs of printing and distributing Vicdoc have been unrelenting with only further increases predicted for the future.

This has required us to re-examine the way we produce the magazine and look for a more financially sustainable and efficient way to deliver this popular product to members.

We have concluded that the most logical and responsible way forward is to ‘go digital’ in 2020. This decision is a more responsible use of members’ funds as well as being more environmentally thoughtful – a step which aligns with the values of many of our members.

We are also particularly excited by the opportunities provided by ‘going digital’. Members will receive the same high-level content but there is great potential to improve the user-experience over time – making it more dynamic and engaging.

The digital launch in March 2020 will be the first step and then we will continue to enhance digital Vicdoc over time, based on your feedback and input and of course, through the insights provided by digital products.

We know this change might not suit everyone and that some of our members will be disappointed. We are offering to provide a printed Vicdoc for members who might prefer it for a small charge ($36 in 2020) to cover the cost of the print and mail run for five editions. We hope that over time these members will also join us on our digital journey*.

As always, we welcome your feedback to this change - please email Vicdoc Editor, Barry Levinson, at BarryL@amavic.com.au. As a membership organisation, we’re here to represent and serve you and we will strive to adapt to your needs and expectations as much as possible.




*Please note: a viable print-run of Vicdoc is dependent on at least 10 per cent of members opting-in for print. Members will be provided with the option to select a print version at membership renewal time but will not be charged until March 2020 when a decision can be made about the viability of a print-run. 

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