#111 Goulburn Valley Health Wellness Day


6 November 2019

AMA Victoria was pleased to support and participate in the recent Goulburn Valley Health wellness day for hospital staff, alongside representatives from the Victorian Doctors’ Health Program (VDHP), the Victorian Medical Benevolent Association (VMBA), the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS) and the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV).

Across the day there were several presentations to different staff groups, including three separate presentations to medical students, doctors-in-training and consultants. AMA Victoria Senior Workplace Relations Advisor, John Ryan, described how we support medical student and doctor wellbeing. He explained how enterprise agreements are designed to support wellness through a holistic approach to employment, considering the many aspects of being an employee at the same time as being an individual, a family member, a health professional and a member of society.

Dr Tim Dewhurst from VDHP focused on health issues for doctors and medical students, including stress, burnout, mental health issues and self-care. Dr Dominic Barbaro provided an overview of the compassionate assistance offered by the VMBA to doctors and medical students over many years.

Each presentation to the health professional staff was accompanied by some mindful meditation activities lead by Ben Norden of Deepest Dish. Other activities organised by the hospital included massage, yoga, meditation and fruit smoothies, as well blood pressure and healthy weight checks.

The take home message from the day was that the wellbeing of health professionals is multifactorial and requires both good systems and attention to self-care. Medical students and doctors have profession-specific support services available through AMA Victoria, VDHP and VMBA.

Kay Dunkley
Doctor Wellbeing Program

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