#112 Personal development opportunities for DiTs and medical students

AMA Victoria provides opportunities for DiTs and medical students to build relationships within the medical community.

DiT mentoring program

We are inviting expressions of interest from our doctors-in-training members (PGY2+ in 2020) who are keen to be a part of our DiT mentoring program next year. This is a 12-month program which matches you with a senior doctor for the purpose of providing a supportive and safe format to discuss your career and professional development opportunities and challenges. 

Our excellent mentors are from a range of specialties, including general practice, so those considering GP training are also encouraged to apply. The program has capacity for 35 mentees in 2020 who are HMO2 and above, so to ensure a spot please apply immediately. Mentors and mentees are expected to catch-up every four weeks for the duration of the program.

A survey of our current mentoring program participants scored the program as 4.57 out of 5.00 (the industry benchmark is 4.16). 

“I have been keeping in touch with my mentee and providing advice regarding her career. My mentee has been very attentive and keen to further develop her future medical skills.”- Mentor, August 2019

“I meet with my mentor regularly and I am getting exactly what I need from the relationship. She is extremely helpful and great at talking through things with me.”- Mentee, June 2019

“We are both contributing to and getting a lot out of the relationship.”- Mentor, May 2019

Click here for more information and to apply.

Peer Visitor Program for medical students

The Peer Visitor Program offers medical students the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of the older health professionals and the opportunity to provide companionship to the elderly. The program includes an intergenerational group at Kew Gardens Aged Care, bringing together medical students and elderly health professionals. The group meets monthly at 5pm on a Wednesday for an hour together which includes guest speakers and other activities.

As final-year students move on to become interns we have vacancies for new volunteers in this program. Please direct enquiries to Kay Dunkley at KayD@amavic.com.au. There is one more meeting this year next Wednesday 20 November, if you would like to become involved. The program will then resume in February 2020.

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