#94 New professional career coaching program


8 August 2019

AMA Victoria’s Medical Career Service has launched a new service: Professional Career Coaching. Coaching programs assist doctors to work on, not just in, their professional roles. Our new program is designed to assist doctors to take a strategic and holistic view of their careers. It provides an objective framework for reflection, planning and decision-making on professional role(s), career goals and aspirations, so that doctors reach their potential and/or desired professional state.

Which doctors would benefit from this program?

*Any doctor looking to diversify or broaden their career within and outside of medicine.

This program is designed to support doctors to identify and achieve their professional goals, gain personal insight, improve work-life balance and enhance their leadership skills and career potential. We achieve this using a combination of individual coaching, reflective practice, diagnostic tools and other assessment methods. The program includes:

Accessing the program

Coaching programs can be accessed by AMA members and non-members. These can be booked via our website: CLICK HERE.

AMA Victoria’s Medical Career Service is a medically specific coaching service designed to support doctors at all stages of their career. For any other queries, please contact us on (03) 9280 8722 or careersadvisor@amavic.com.au



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