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16 August 2019

Through our work with senior doctors we have observed a growing number within the demographic that are struggling to retire well. The reasons for this are often complex, but issues of identity, significant immersion in professional roles, an often-later retirement age and an underestimation of the psychosocial impact of retirement are common themes. 

Retirement is a very important part of your career and is often not managed or planned for well in medicine. This has led us to design 3 programs to help doctors identify their retirement goals, gain personal insight and establish a new work-life balance.

We achieve this using a combination of individual coaching, reflective practice, diagnostic tools and other assessment methods. A central feature of coaching for retirement is that the individual is in charge of their own decisions and development to formulate an ideal model for retirement.

The coach is there to facilitate this process through structured questioning & inquiry, reflection & observation, encouragement & motivation, supporting the doctor to take accountability to increase self-awareness and to create the capacity to take effective action and find their own solution(s).

Who would benefit from these programs?

Program Options

Retirement ‘health check’- Are you retirement ready?


3-month program – detailed program with strength assessment


6 -12 month program– comprehensive program with strength & personality assessments


Accessing the programs

Coaching programs can be accessed by AMA Victoria members and non-members. Coaching programs can be booked via our website here.

AMA Victoria’s Medical Careers Service is a medically specific coaching service designed to support doctors at all stages of their career.  

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