Winter 2022 VICDOC

The Winter 2022 VICDOC magazine is now online for you to access at the click of a button. Some of the features you might enjoy in this edition include:

Spirit of humanity
Cheryl Wile always knew she was going to help people. Her compassionate mother always spoke to her about the need to help vulnerable members of the community. It left a powerful impression on Cheryl, who sought to act with the same spirit of humanity in her own life. 

Solving the puzzle of pain
In Australia, over 3.2 million people live with chronic pain. Whilst the total economic cost is over $73 billion annually, it is the crushing human toll that focuses pain medicine specialist, A/Prof Carolyn Arnold. 

Tik-tok docs
Meet the Australian doctors and medical students that are taking over this social media platform. 

View from the sideline
Dr Allen regularly shares his own experience living with a mental health condition to challenge the stigma surrounding doctors' mental ill health. 

In the minds of the next generation of doctors
Change is in the air in the mental health sector. As final-year medical students across the state await the outcome of internship applications, we are preparing for our roles as junior doctors in this critical time for mental health care. 

Month of mindfulness
Doctors share what brings them joy outside medicine. 

Am I being inclusive?
The business case for diverse workplaces is well established, with benefits for individuals, teams and entire organisations in terms of performance and wellbeing.

May I meet this too, with kindness
It goes without saying that much of what happens in our inner and outer lives is out of our control. But we can learn to respond to it with kindness, both to ourselves and others. 


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