A message from the AMA Victoria President on Voluntary Assisted Dying

20 October 2017


The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill has passed the lower house of the Victorian Parliament. It is anticipated the Bill will be debated in the upper house in two weeks, where it will also be conscience vote.

AMA Victoria recognises the enormity of the impact on the medical profession and our community of this bill passing the lower house.

AMA Victoria will sustain its advocacy of the AMA’s position in relation to the Bill which cannot be discussed without drawing attention to the need for significant funding to be directed towards palliative care services and our chronically neglected mental health services.  All of our MPs of any political persuasion must acknowledge in all conscience that palliative care and mental health services in this state are under-resourced particularly in regional and rural Victoria. This Bill must not continue to draw attention away from these services.

We will continue to support all members during this process and listen to your views.



Dr Lorraine Baker



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