AMA Victoria supports supervised injection facilities

AMA Victoria applauds the State Government’s decision to introduce supervised injecting facilities in Victoria.

After a prolonged debate within the community and in political circles the sensible decision has been made. There is strong evidence from the Sydney facility and globally to support this position for which we, have advocated for so long.

‘We congratulate all those families, residents, community groups and health related services who have joined us in lobbying for this outcome,” said AMA Victoria President, Dr Lorraine Baker.

“We are certain that lives will be saved with the introduction of the supervised injecting rooms. Doctors, paramedics and other health care workers will no longer be at risk as they try to save people in car parks and in laneways after they have overdosed, and families who have been affected by overdose death and drug use will draw comfort from the knowledge that the government supports a more enlightened approach,” said Dr Baker.

“We look forward to the opening of the first facility and hope for future expansion of similar services into other locations including rural Victoria, where we know they are desperately needed.”

AMA Victoria has also been lobbying for rural drug and alcohol rehabilitation beds for a number of years. Today’s announcement of one hundred rehabilitation beds in country Victoria is a step in the right direction. Once established, many more will be needed, along with the workforce to support them, to enable doctors to meet the existing demand.

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