Core SME

Core SME provide multiple services under one banner to reduce operating cost and increase profits for your practice. Core SME works with industry associations Australia-wide, representing tens of thousands of small business owners. We have agreements in place with major providers across many business services. 

Core SME have been working closely with AMA Victoria to provide two main services that members will benefit from.

30-day Business Analysis 

The team will address and quantify performance in areas such as I.T and business infrastructure, productivity, supplier contracts, financial solutions and process work-flow. Once changes are identified and implemented, operating costs reduce while productivity, ROI and tangible net worth increases. 

Office Connect 

If you are reviewing current costs, expanding existing operations or opening your first office, Core SME will work to understand your requirements and provide a cost effective solution. These services are underpinned by the following: 

Core SME research and negotiate new supply contracts on almost anything your practice requires (e.g. medical supplies). They also offer personalised account management, giving you one point of contact for all of your services.

To give your business a health check, contact Ray Keogh on (03) 9133 8905 to book a no-obligation free one hour consultation.

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