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  • 08/07/2016

    Adults unsure of their vaccination status should see a GP

    Friday 8 July 2016 With the recent outbreak of measles in Victoria, the AMA encourages people who have not been vaccinated, or do not know if they’ve been vaccinated, to see their GP. Booster and catch-up vaccines are available for those at risk.... read more »

  • 18/06/2016

    AMA statement on the regulation of e-cigarettes

    Saturday 18 June 2016 AMA Victoria supports the State Government’s decision to regulate e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes should be regulated and included in the state’s tobacco laws, as this will ensure: The products do not contain illegal... read more »

  • 24/05/2016

    The AMA urges Parliament to vote down abortion bill

    Tuesday 23 May 2016 In Victoria, abortion is a medical procedure – not a crime. The Infant Viability Bill criminalises abortion and commands doctors to provide certain types of neonatal and perinatal medical care. The AMA urges MPs to vote against... read more »


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