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Doctors in Training

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International Medical Graduates

AMA Victoria plays an important role in supporting International Medical Graduates (IMGs), as we represent and provide assistance to doctors across the entire medical profession. We will continue to work to ensure that the process of IMG processing and work placement is working at its best for the benefit of IMGs as well as Victorian patients. Until you are registered as a medical practitioner in Australia you are unable to become a member of AMA Victoria and cannot claim member benefits and services. However, we have a role to play in providing IMGs with a starting point, to find out the steps required to be able to practice medicine in Australia. This includes being able to appropriately direct IMGs to obtain the support and resources they require.

AMA Victoria also runs events and programs for IMGs, including regular IMG briefings as well as a psychiatry seminar targeted to IMGs, which piloted in 2011.

If you have any IMG-related questions you should first contact the Victorian Department of Health in the first instance. Visit their website for more specific information.

AMA Victoria has an Associate membership opportuntiy open to Unregistered Overseas-Trained Doctors. Read more about this opportunity online

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