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Wage Calculator

The easy to use online Wage Calculator allows you to easily find out if you are being paid correctly within minutes, and produce a report that you can use to seek clarification from your employing hospital.


  Quick and easy solution

Are you being paid the correct rate for the hours you have worked?
Compare your payslip to your true entitlements.

Self Advocacy
Does your employer have a history of chronic underpayment?
The online Wage Calculator will help you identify areas of compliance concern (with AMA Victoria ready to assist you).

Be informed
Are you unsure of the law behind every payment type?
All your payments are separately displayed with entitlement references.

Fill in your timesheet online as you work
Do you find it inconvenient having to fill out paper timesheets?
Let the website generate timesheets for you to submit to your hospital.

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Wage Calculator

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