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Doctors in Training

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What is the AMA doing for you?

Doctors in Training is the collective name for interns, HMOs and Registrars working in Victoria’s public health system.

Services for DiT members
  • Issue representation through DiT Subdivision
  • State-wide enterprise bargaining
  • Employment issues
    - entitlement advice
    - safe hours and workload controls
    - dispute management, representation and advocacy
  • Learned Colleges
    - Rules interpretation and advice
    - Appeals assistance
    - Lobbying and advocacy
  • International Medical Graduates
    - employer visa sponsorship issues
    - support and advice in rural settings
  • Medical Board
    - registration issues advice and assistance
  • Wellbeing
    - confidential assistance when in distress / being bullied
    - referrals to AMA Victoria Peer Support Service and Victorian Doctors Health Program

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How am I represented by the AMA?
  • Dr Sue Abhary (a DiT) and Dr Bernadette Wilks (a DiT) are AMA Victoria Board members. Both have a record of advocating on DiT issues and actively encourage DiTs to recommend ways for AMA Victoria to better serve its members.
  • AMA Victoria DiT Subdivision is tireless in progressing DiT interests via policy formation, industrial campaigns and by participating in a variety of important government and educational committees.
  • DiTs have powerful representation on AMA Victoria Council and Federal Council and are heavily lobbied by AMA’s senior leadership during policy debate or AMA elections.

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Intern Employment Entitlements

In December 2013, AMA Victoria delivered more gains for its members through enterprise bargaining. The new agreement delivered the following:

  • 10% pay increase compared to basic rates of pay over the life of the agreement
  • $2,100 per annum Continuing Medical Education (CME) Allowance (a $1,000 increase to the 2013 rate)
  • Paid Conference Leave (one week) is now available to Interns (previously only for Accredited Registrars)
  • Core term assessment rules (to ensure any performance concerns are evidence based and properly managed)

Members can download a hyperlinked version of the 2013 DiT Agreement and accompanying resources here.

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DiT member advice, representation and support
  • Learned College / Medical Registration appeals
  • Employment entitlement compliance (collective and individual disputes related to classifications, rostering, overtime, protected teaching time and leave entitlements)
  • Campaign to prevent bullying (includes Peer Support Service, promoting visibility of the problem and representing members)
  • IMG support through bridging course participation and rural hospital visits
  • All rural hospital rotations visited and assessed for accommodation standards, workload, roster safe hours and VMO support
  • AMA Victoria holds over 60 hospital meetings each year to ensure your voice is heard

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AMA Victoria DiT Subdivision lobbying achievements and activity
  • Safe roster audit (now Government policy)
  • Guaranteed position for every medical graduate (now Government policy)
  • Establishment of community projects (Teddy Bear Hospital, Teach the Teacher, and Volunteer on call)
  • Global Health Symposia for DiTs in conjunction with the Nossal Institute

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Federal AMA DIT Council lobbying achievements and activity
  • Recognised as key stakeholder in reform
  • Successful in achieving National Registration (now focused on implementation and cost minimisation)
  • Government committee participation to protect quality training opportunities and manage transition to alternative training settings
  • Quarterly meeting with Learned College Trainee Associations

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