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AMA Vic generally pleased with latest hospital performance data but the state average does not reflect poor performances at Ballarat and The Northern Hospitals

Wednesday 22 October

AMA Victoria is generally pleased with certain aspects of the June 2014 Victorian Health Services Performance
Data, with overall state improvements in most of the year to year comparison reports, such as: 

  • Number of patient treatments in specialist outpatient clinics (4.22% increase)
  • Percentage of Emergency Department Category 2 patients treated within 10 mins (2.41% increase)
  • Percentage of Emergency Department Category 3 patients treated within 30 minutes (4.17% increase)

“Hospital performance has improved on average across the state but there are hospitals doing it tough, such as Ballarat Hospital - with the number of Emergency Department Category 2 patients treated within 10 minutes dropping from 83% last year now down to 74% (the state average is 85%),  AMA Victoria President, Dr Tony Bartone said today.

“Similarly, at the Northern Hospital only 60% of Emergency Department Category 3 patients were treated within 30 minutes. Comparatively, The Alfred treated 84% of patients within this time. So while the state average for this looks good at 75%, Shepparton, The Northern, Box Hill and Ballarat Hospitals are all in the 60th percentile when it comes to treating Cat3 ED patients in a timely manner.

“While many of the figures in today’s report are welcomed, the health system is still under enormous pressure with capacity and funding constraints.

“Furthermore, there are still thousands of patients who are not included in today’s report as it does not list outpatient waiting lists (that is, the number of people waiting to see a specialist to gain access to elective surgery). Both the current and former government have never counted people waiting for outpatient specialist appointments.

Following last night’s AMA Election Health Debate with policy presentations by Health Minister David Davis, Shadow Health Minister Gavin Jennings and Greens health spokesperson Colleen Hartland, we implore all parties to release a detailed health platform.

“Victorians need to know how these political parties are going to address hospital access constraints, health funding budget cuts, and increases in population and rates of chronic disease. There was a 6.29% increase in the number of patients admitted to Victorian hospitals in the last year (from 376,326 to 399,987). This is only going to increase.  Both Minister Davis and Gavin Jennings told AMA members that more health policies will be released over the next five weeks in the lead up to the State Election – the Victorian electorate needs to know now. Dr Bartone said. 

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