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AMA Victoria Council Ballot moves to electronic voting

The Board and Council of AMA Victoria have determined that electronic voting will be introduced for the 2012 AMA Victoria Council Ballot. This will not replace the current postal voting system but is a preferred alternative. Each eligible member will be sent, by email, a link to the voting site and their unique login number. This will enable you to vote online by completing a ballot paper identical to that used under the previous postal ballot system.

The new system is designed to make it easier for members to participate in the Council Ballot and will ensure that:

  • each member’s vote is anonymous
  • a member can vote only once; and
  • the possibility of an informal vote is eliminated.

As with previous ballots, the 2012 Council Ballot will be conducted in April with clearly identified opening and closing dates and times. The results will then determine the voting capacity of Affiliated Organisation representatives in secret votes of Council and the election of Independent members of Council.

Members who do not wish to participate electronically in the Council Ballot should apply for a postal ballot paper.

Any queries concerning the operation of the new voting method, or requests for postal ballot papers, may be directed to Claire Bellett on (03) 9280 8723 or by email to

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