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AMA Victoria welcomes Melbourne trial smoking ban

11 September 2013

AMA Victoria welcomes last night’s vote by the Melbourne City Council to implement a trial smoking ban in The Causeway Lane’s outdoor dining areas.

"The Melbourne City Council has shown leadership with this vote and we strongly encourage the state government to follow suit,” said AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis.

“State smoking laws would assist local councils by providing uniform, enforceable and publicly accepted smoking bans in outdoor dining areas.

“Smoke free areas help to protect Victorian adults and children against exposure to harmful secondhand smoke. Even low levels of exposure to secondhand smoke increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and acute cardiac events. Children’s respiratory and immune systems are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of secondhand smoke,” said Dr Parnis.

Back in May we suggested such a ban to the Melbourne City Council and we look forward to its implementation.

This trial ban in one of Melbourne’s popular laneways will benefit the health of all of those who frequent the cafes and restaurants throughout The Causeway Lane.

Hopefully, this ban is a catalyst for future smoking reforms.

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