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AMA Victoria welcomes the protection of donors’ privacy

Wednesday 21 August 2013

AMA Victoria welcomes the Victorian Government’s recent decision to maintain the privacy of sperm and egg donors by guaranteeing the anonymity of all donors prior to 1988, unless the donors consent to releasing their information.

In 2011, AMA Victoria made a submission to the Law Reform Committee’s Inquiry into Access by Donor-Conceived People to Information About Donors, highlighting the need to protect the rights of people who donated prior to 1988 but also encouraging contact between the parties without unfairly infringing donors’ rights.

“This decision upholds the privacy of donors, while at the same time enabling voluntary information to be registered for those who consent. Patient confidentiality is a key component in this issue, as these donors had previously been guaranteed anonymity”, AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis said today.

Importantly, the government will not retrospectively change donor privacy laws. This decision is at odds with the Law Reform Committee’s recommendations.

The AMA supports an ongoing public awareness campaign about the voluntary register, which could help to facilitate linkages without compromising existing agreements.

AMA Victoria’s submission to the Inquiry is available on our website, under Policy Submissions.

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