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AMA calls for changes at Mildura Base

Australian Medical Association President Dr Stephen Parnis today called for greater efforts to address the workforce crisis at Mildura Base Hospital and bring the hospital into line with other Victorian public hospitals.
Dr Parnis said that while the hospital’s status as a privately run hospital is leading to issues in the recruitment and retention of staff, action is necessary to ensure the viability of the service in a range of areas.
“It’s becoming increasingly clear that unless a number of measures are instituted Mildura Base will have to be run as a public hospital” said Dr Parnis.
“It’s not fair that the Mildura Community have a health service which is an anomaly in this State”.
“Mildura residents should be able to be sure that their Health Services are on a level playing field with public hospitals across the State when it comes to recruitment and retention of staff”.
After meeting with Doctors from Mildura Base Hospital this afternoon, Dr Parnis called for measures to bring the Hospital into line with other Victorian Public Hospitals, including -
  • Medical and community consultation be incorporated into decision-making processes at MBH.
  • The Government require MBH management to publish records of waiting lists for elective surgery and this be included in Victoria-wide quarterly statistics.
  • The Government act to enhance the role of MBH as a teaching hospital for junior doctors.
  • The Government act to ensure employees at Mildura Base Hospital have access to similar salary packaging benefits  as employees in any other Victorian public hospital.  This would help to attract and retain more senior doctors and other staff to the hospital. Alternatively, state funding should be adjusted to recognise the inability of MBH to access salary packaging benefits for staff.
In the absence of measures to address these issues AMA Victoria questions why the hospital should not be returned to public ownership.    
“This is not simply about the recruitment and retention of staff at MBH, there are issues around consultation, transparency and training that must be addressed also”.
“This is about putting MBH on a level playing field with public hospitals”.

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