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AMA encourages doctors to register for Prescription Shopping Information Service

AMA Victoria says the Government’s Prescription Shopping Infomation Service is an excellent step towards combating prescription drug abuse and is encouraging all prescribers to register for access.
The system allows doctors access  the details of all prescriptions a patient has received in the past three months. 
“AMA Victoria called for this type of system because it gives doctors the ability to identify a patient who is seeking a prescription for non medical purposes” said AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis.
“Doctors can now check for recent activity on sensitive prescription items, we hope this will prevent incidences of overdose and help people with addictions to get the appropriate help”.
The system is part of the Medicare Prescription Shopping Program and will now provide detailed information on a patient’s prescriptions right up until the past 24 hours.
Doctors can register for the system by calling Medicare on 1800 631 181,only practitioners with a prescriber number will be able to access the system. 
“The most commonly sourced drugs are pain relief medications which can be highly addictive and need to be carefully monitored”.
AMA Victoria is also pushing for improvement to curb doctor shopping in other areas asking for –
  • More funding for ongoing education and training for GPs prescribing opioids
  • Funding to enable better access to pain management clinics
  • Incentives and support for GPs participating in pharmacotherapy
“Motivations for obtaining prescription medicines can vary, people seeking these drugs may plan to stockpile them for use at a later date, on-sell them to others, or use them to satisfy an addiction” 
“Improved education for prescribers on doctor shopping behaviours will help to reduce the harm caused to our community by prescription drug abuse” said Doctor Parnis.
 For more information please contact Struan Robertson on 0437 450 506

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