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AMA warns of dangers of summer

12 December 2012

AMA Victoria is saddened and concerned about the death of a baby from heat-related injuries, after being left in a car in Bendigo yesterday.

“It’s deeply distressing, but not uncommon; people must realise how dangerous leaving kids in cars can be. I note yesterday’s predicted maximum was 30 degrees, which most people would not regard as extreme, said AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis.

AMA Victoria warns of the dangers of heat-related illnesses. Excessive dehydration and sun exposure are common causes of heat-illness. They can lead to dizziness and fainting and more dangerous circumstances, particularly in the very young and old. More severe cases can lead to hospitalisation and be life threatening.

“We have this discussion every year and I want to reinforce our stance. I am concerned that the message is not really sinking in. Hot cars in summer are very dangerous, especially for kids; they need a cool environment and have to remain hydrated. Keep out of the heat and keep the fluids up, Dr Parnis said.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts that Victorians will swelter through the summer months.

“The chances that the average summer maximum temperature will exceed the long-term median maximum temperature are between 60 and 75% across Victoria this summer, said the Bureau.

With the hottest months of the year still to arrive, this issue may not be an isolated event.

The AMA pleads with parents and carers to never leave babies and young children unattended, even for a moment.

Emergency physician and AMA Victoria President, Dr Stephen Parnis, is available to comment.

For further information please contact Luke Buesnel on 0437 450 506.

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