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As a heatwave approaches, doctors issue warning to never leave children alone in a car

17 December 2013

Temperatures across the state are expected to soar over the next few days and doctors are urging Victorians to take precautions to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration and to never leave children unattended in a car.

“As we approach these hot days, we remind all drivers not to leave children unattended in a car, even with the windows down. This is a criminal offence in Victoria as it can have fatal consequences” AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis said.

“On a typical Australian summer day, the temperature inside a parked car can be as much as 20° to 30° higher than the outside temperature. Never leave children or pets unattended in cars, not even for a short period. It’s not worth the risk” Dr Parnis said.

“Since January this year, the RACV and Ambulance Victoria have been called out to more than 1000 cases of children and animals locked in cars. This is unacceptable and incredibly dangerous” Dr Parnis said.

“Two Summer safety rules are: don’t leave children alone in a parked car and don’t leave children alone near water” Dr Parnis said.

With temperatures set to reach 40° this Thursday, the Department of Health has issued an alert to ensure health services are prepared for the expected influx of patients who fall ill from heat-related maladies.


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