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BREAKING NEWS: AMA Victoria wins case against Australian Nursing Federation application for industry wide bargaining for practice nurses

AMA Victoria represented over 200 GP practices was successful in opposing the ANF application to bargain on behalf of all practice nurses.

This is only the second time that the Fair Work Commission has ever heard such a matter and the first time it has decided not to allow the union to bargain collectively with employers.

Vice President Watson in his decision considered that:

  • Practice nurses are generally paid above the award due to individual negotiations.
  • The ANF wanted to negotiate with 682 practices in Victoria and Tasmania at the same time
  • GP were generally opposed to the application

After hearing from 50 witnesses his Honour found

  • Most practice nurses do not fit the definition of "low paid"
  • The assistance to low paid employees would be therefore be marginal.
  • Multi employer bargaining is less likely to identify improvements to productivity and service delivery for General practice.

The application by the ANF was therefore dismissed. For further information see the decision here.

AMA put considerable resources into this case including gathering the support of members and their practice managers, and briefing legal representation. It was due to this effort and membership support that we were able to defend general practice against this claim which would have impeded productivity and potentially good relations with practice nurses.

Membership income supports these proceedings and we would ask that you talk to your GP colleagues to ensure they are members, helping to support these actions on your behalf.

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