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Bicycle infrastructure funding in the public interest

AMA Victoria has backed calls from cycling and environmental groups for the Victorian Government to rethink cuts to cycle related infrastructure projects.
AMA President Dr Stephen Parnis said it was disappointing that, despite growing numbers of cyclists taking to the streets, the Baillieu Government was winding down funding for cycle related projects.
“Cycling is a good way for people to keep active, avoid disease and retain a healthy heart”.
“Aside from the obvious health benefits, cyclists can also help to ease traffic congestion on the roads” said Dr Parnis.
A recent Parliamentary Inquiry report into environmental design and public health in Victoria suggested that the government work to create a built environment that promotes physical exercise and social interaction. 
“It appears that the Government is ignoring their own Parliamentary Inquiry on this issue” said doctor Parnis.
“Given that the rate of bicycle use continues to increase, it would make sense to ensure that infrastructure keeps up with that growth”.
“Research shows that urban sprawl is contributing to more sedentary lifestyle for many people”.
“Long commute times and a lack of access to parks and the outdoors has been shown to increase inactivity, which can lead to problems like heart disease and diabetes”.
“Environmental design that takes into consideration health outcomes is a good way to keep people from developing disease and easing the burden on the health budget”.
“We hope to see Victorian towns and cities designed to encourage physical activity, not discourage it”.
 For more information please contact Struan Robertson on 0437 450 506

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