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Boroondara Council leads the way for government on smoking

AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis has offered congratulations to the Boroondara Council on its proposal to implement a comprehensive ban on smoking in outdoor public areas. 
Boroondara Council proposes to extend smoking bans to sports ground, outdoor events, children’s playgrounds, barbeques and picnic tables.
The council’s proposed ban is similar to that which AMA and other health groups have been calling for.
AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis applauded the move and reiterated the need for a uniform state wide approach to smoking.
“It is really important that these bans are uniform throughout the state” said Doctor Parnis.
“It is simply confusing to have different approaches to smoking in different municipalities”.
“Boroondara Council is leading the way on this issue, the sooner the state government follows their lead the better”.
“In saying that, it would be fantastic to see municipalities like the City of Melbourne throw their weight behind these laws”.
“Research has shown us that there is public support for this type of ban, even amongst a majority of smokers”.
“Boroondara Councillors have decided not to wait for the state government to act and have moved the implement the ban themselves”.
AMA Victoria has been a vocal advocate of a state-wide smoking ban in al fresco dining and outdoor public areas and is also calling for a licence fee to be enforced on tobacco vendors.
A licence fee for tobacco vendors would result in a stricter environment around the sale of tobacco, leading to improved public health outcomes.
“Licensing fees would introduce a barrier to the sale of tobacco. Vendors which currently sell small amounts of tobacco would baulk at the cost of a license to sell tobacco, and remove themselves from the market”.
“Any business may sell tobacco in Victoria. We want to be sure that tobacco is not so easily available that it finds its way into the hands children and young people” said Doctor Parnis.
Tobacco smoking is the largest single preventable cause of death and disease in Australia. Smoking contributes to more deaths and hospitalisations than alcohol and illicit drug use combined.
“The more we can do to limit the use of tobacco in this state the more lives we can save”
Details of the proposed law can be found on the Boroondara Council website –
 For more information please contact Struan Robertson on 0437 450 506

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