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Cage fighting still rattling

10 January 2014

AMA Victoria vehemently opposes mixed martial arts, also known as cage fighting and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

"While most sports injuries are accidental, the aim of this sport is to purely harm your opponent. The medical community often sees the tragedy that brain damage can afflict on a patient and their family. The contestants in this so-called sport have an increased risk of developing irreversible, neurological disorders," AMA Vice President, Dr Tony Bartone, said.

Cage fighting injuries include facial lacerations, bruises, broken teeth, fractures, damage to eyes and vision, internal bleeding, damage to internal organs, transmission of blood borne infectious diseases  and permanent brain damage.

"Blunt force trauma to the head can cause lifelong, disabling conditions. Our community is outraged by king hits on the street and spear tackles in football and rugby. This is no different, mixed martial arts is an extremely dangerous sport: cage or no cage " Dr Bartone said.

In 2007, the former state government passed legislation which outlawed the octagon cages, and the Coalition government has maintained this stance. AMA Victoria is disappointed that the Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation, John Eren, has announced that Labor will overturn the cage ban if elected at the November state election.


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