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Call for DIT Nominations 2016


Call for DIT Nominations 2016

Important information for DiT's Nominating

On May 11 at a special DiT Subcommittee meeting, current office holders will be making presentations on their individual portfolios and we will be holding discussions on the direction and priorities of the committee over the coming 12 months. If you think you may be interested in nominating for any of the portfolio positions this would be a good opportunity to get an insight into the roles and ask questions of the current Subcommittee.

Election of 2016/2017 Committee

Elections for the new committee of the Doctors in Training Subdivision will be held on Wednesday June 8 2016.

Interns, HMOs and Registrars can become more involved in the issues affecting them by nominating for one or more committee positions.

Involvement contributes to enhancing junior doctor education, work experience and interest in broader medical areas such as global health. Your involvement can be a personally rewarding experience.

Nominations are hereby called for the following positions:

Executive Positions

President/AMACDT Representative/IR Alternate

Vice President/AMACDT Alternate/IR Alternate

AMA Victoria Council, DIT Representative

Treasurer/Sponsorship Representative

Portfolio Positions

Communications Representative/DIT Council Observer

Education & Professional Development Representative/PMCV-VMPF Alternate

Industrial Relations Representative

International Medical Graduate Representative

Public Health, Community Projects & Indigenous Health Representative

Professional Support & Welfare Representative

Social Events Representative

Representation Position

DIT Representative, Industrial Relations Sub-Committee of AMAV Board

Eligibility to Nominate

Nominees must be financial members of AMA Victoria, DIT Subdivision.

How to Nominate

You may nominate yourself. Nominations must reach the Returning Officer, Grant Forsyth, by 5.00pm Monday May 30, 2016. Email: Post: PO Box 21, Parkville, Victoria 3052.


Nominations must include:

  • Your full name and contact details
  • The position(s) for which you are nominating. If nominating for more than one position, you must indicate your order of preference for the positions
  • A statement in support of your nomination, not exceeding 250 words
  • Declaration of any conflicts of interest for the position(s)

Details of candidates and their statements will be available on the AMA Website following the close of nominations.


Election Meeting

Ballots for all positions will be held at the Election Meeting commencing 7.00pm, June 8, 2016 at AMA House, 293 Royal Parade, Parkville.

The ballot for each contested position will be determined by simple majority.

Only financial members of AMA Victoria DIT Subdivision who attend the meeting will be entitled to vote. There is no provision for proxy voting.

Prior to the ballot for each position, candidates for that position will be given the opportunity to address the meeting in support of their candidature for a maximum of two minutes.

Each position is to be filled by one person only.


Working Parties

In each portfolio area there will be an unrestricted number of portfolio assistants working with the respective portfolio representatives. Subdivision members interested in serving as a portfolio assistant are asked to submit their expression of interest to the Returning Officer. Please note that there will be no ballot for these positions.



Any queries concerning the election or to request a role description please contact the Returning Officer, Grant Forsyth on phone 98208742 or email


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