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Donít be a stuffed turkey this Christmas

18 December 2012

Food glorious food, the famous line from the musical ‘Oliver’ seems most fitting this time of year. The ‘silly season’ is upon us and so too is the gluttony that can be associated with it.

Christmas not only greets us with presents and social gatherings but also an array of cakes, pies, biscuits, chocolates and sugary treats; not to mention the alcohol.

AMA Victoria President, Dr Stephen Parnis, warns of the dangers of overindulgence.

“It’s the season for socialising and enjoying a break. But please go easy. Moderation is a good thing and ultimately more enjoyable,Ē he said.

Excessive eating can result in serious harms. Obesity is the major public health problem facing Australia today. We are one of the fattest nations in the world. Over the last 20 years, the number of Australians who are overweight or obese has doubled.

This is a nation wide epidemic, and it is entirely preventable. The Victorian Public Health Survey (2010) indicates half (50.1%) of persons aged 18 years or over were overweight or obese (33.2% were overweight and 16.9% were obese).

Dr Parnis doesn’t sugar-coat his feelings about obesity.

“The best way to handle childhood or adult obesity is simple – prevention is better than cure,Ē he said.

Children are usually a product of their environment and their long term food choices begin in the home. Make this Christmas a special occasion without overindulging and negatively shaping impressionable young minds. Portion size matters; don’t overdo the special treats. Australia is blessed with an abundance of healthy fresh food, of which we should take advantage of.

“Use food and drink sensibly to enhance your enjoyment rather than to place you in harms way,Ē said Dr Parnis.

AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis is available to comment.

For further information please contact Luke Buesnel on 0437 450 506.

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