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Fair Work Ombudsman audits medical practices

What is happening?
The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is in the process of auditing approximately 50 medical practices (specialist and general) in Victoria for record-keeping, pay slip obligations and rates of pay. The audit is focused on receptionists, administration officers, cleaners and other support employees. So far, AMA Victoria has been contacted by three practices subjected to audits. 

Practices contacted for audit will be sent an email or letter from the FWO asking for information such as:

  1. confirming the structure of the entity that employs staff (an Entity Information Form); 
  2. a copy of the employees’ timesheets or rosters (if irregular hours worked); and
  3. corresponding pay slips for the last pay cycle.   

The practice will also be provided with a privacy letter to give to affected employees regarding the audit.

What should you do?
We hear that some practices are receiving cold calls. This is not how the FWO operates. If your staff receive an enquiry over the phone from someone purporting to be from the office of the FWO, ask the caller to put any request for records in writing by email or fax to the practice manager or principal. If this happens, we advise you call the AMA Victoria Workplace Relations unit immediately on (03) 9280 8722.

Information about the campaign can be viewed here , plus the FWO’s online tools can be found on the website  

Please contact our Workplace Relations Unit if you have any questions.


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