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Letís boot booze out of sport

04 June 2012

AMA Victoria has welcomed news that Football Federation Australia is considering doing away with alcohol sponsorship in the A-League. 

The AMA has previously called for government to ensure that alcohol companies cease the targeted marketing of alcohol to teenagers and young people. Football is enjoyed by many young Victorians and the AMA pleased that the FFA is considering banning alcohol sponsorship.

AMA Victoria President Dr Stephen Parnis said that research shows younger Australians are at disproportionate risk of alcohol related harm.

'Two thirds of young people reportedly binge drink and research shows us that young people disproportionately show up in hospital with alcohol related injuries’. 

‘Any move to get alcohol advertising out of sport would be a leap forward’.

‘The effects of alcohol abuse can also be seen in the longer term, brain development can be impaired due to early alcohol use and young people can form heavy drinking habits which they take into adulthood ’.

‘Football Federation Australia would be doing the right thing by scrapping alcohol advertising in the A-league’ said Dr Parnis

The AMA has also called for stronger warning labels on alcohol and tougher laws on the marketing of alcohol at festivals and other events enjoyed by young people.  

‘Sport promotes health and this message doesn’t fit with alcohol use’ said Dr Parnis.

For further information please contact Struan Robertson on 0437 450 506.


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