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Libs must disclose which hospitals have received the 710 new public hospital beds

Tuesday 25 November 2014

The Victorian Liberal Party must stop asserting that they’ve dramatically increased public hospital bed numbers unless they release data detailing which hospitals have received these beds.

“It is quite simple, the Liberal Party’s ongoing statement that they’ve almost added 800 hospital beds to the Victorian health system cannot be verified without the accompanying data, Dr Tony Bartone, President of AMA Victoria, said today

“We expect the Victorian Government to publicly list: the number of beds, their location and the type of hospital bed (hospital beds vary greatly from short-stay, sub-acute, intensive care and paediatric cots).

AMA Victoria cannot verify the below statement from the Liberal Party’s website, without the Government providing correlating and accountable data:

Our commitment to 800 new beds by mid-2015 is well underway, with 710 additional beds delivered as at June 2014.

“Transparency is fundamental to the safety, improvement and integrity of Victorian hospitals.

“We call on the Liberal Party to release data on the state’s public hospital bed numbers, their location and type – without which, it is impossible to analyse capacity improvements, Dr Bartone said.

Media contact
Felicity Ryan
Australian Medical Association Victoria
Mobile: 0437 450 506

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