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Public hospital beds: Where is the data?

AMA Victoria is calling on the State Government to release data showing the breakdown of promised new hospital beds for Victoria’s health system.
Prior to the State election the Government promised to deliver 800 new hospital beds over its first term, with 100 of those to be delivered within the first financial year.
AMA President Dr Stephen Parnis said a breakdown of data outlining the whereabouts and type of beds has not yet been provided.
“Although AMA Victoria has received every assurance from the Government that the beds will be delivered, we have not yet received a breakdown on the number, location and type of beds”.
“We would welcome a comprehensive breakdown of the data from the State Government”.
“We can see from data we requested under FOI provisions that total bed availability has risen in Victoria over the 2010-2011 year.” said Dr Parnis. “What we are still waiting to see is a comprehensive breakdown from State Government, so that we can ascertain where the new beds are and what kind of beds they are”.
“We are interested to ensure that these beds are not hospital-in-the-home beds, or beds that have previously been closed and are now being reopened”.
“Hospital in the home beds should compliment rather than substitute beds in hospitals”.
“It is important to remember that we have a growing and aging population, and increases in bed capacity are required to keep up with this growth”.
“The 800 beds promised by the Government is a good start, but we need to ensure that they are delivered where and when they are needed”.
 For more information please contact Struan Robertson on 0437 450 506

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