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Public hospital doctors reach new four-year pay deal

27 May 2013

After eight months of discussions and negotiations, including conferences before Fair Work Australia, Victoria’s public hospital doctors have reached agreement to a new pay deal with Victorian public hospitals (represented by the Victorian Hospitals' Industrial Association).

AMA Victoria President, Dr Stephen Parnis said ‘this deal, struck in a difficult environment, provides certainty for doctors in terms of conditions and also provides set increases in pay over the next four years.’

‘With this agreement and the certainty it provides, Victorian public sector doctors can get on with treating patients’ Dr Parnis said.

The agreement provides three 3.33% wage increases over the next four years for all public hospital doctors, with additional automatic annual increments continuing to apply to junior and many senior medical staff of between 2% and 13% per year. The three increases will come in on 31 March 2013, 1 August 2014 and 1 December 2015.

Dr Parnis stated that ‘this agreement means that doctors’ conditions will better reflect what is needed to ensure the provision of good quality care, teaching and training in Victorian hospitals’.

The two Certified Agreements will allow for:

  • Three 3.33% wage increases over 4 years with annual incremental increases for junior doctors and many senior doctors of between 2% and 13% per annum continuing to apply.
  • Key conditions of employment locked into a Federally Registered Certified Agreements
  • Payment for work on a Public Holiday standardised to double time and a half.
  • Shift Work allowances now in place for specialists paid on the agreement rates.
  • 10 weeks paid maternity leave for non specialists who take maternity leave even if their contract ends in the interim.
  • Protocols that clarify that workplace bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Access to Wireless Roaming Internet Connection for patient care.
  • An increase in medical education allowances by $1000 pa for non specialist doctors and clarification of claiming medical education expenses for specialists.
  • Standard approach to handling grievances from medical staff.
  • One week’s paid conference leave for all non specialist doctors.

Dr Parnis stated that ‘this is a reasonable pay deal that provides certainty and clarity for doctors and we will be recommending the proposal to our Members’.

AMA Victoria will finalise Enterprise Agreements for voting by hospital doctors within the next few months.

For further information contact:

Bryce Prosser
Australian Medical Association Victoria
Director, Policy and Public Affairs
Mobile: 0437 450 506

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