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Self Education Tax Cap Scrapped

November 26 2013

A letter from Dr Steve Hambleton, AMA Federal President.

Following strong advocacy from the AMA and other groups, the Federal Government last week scrapped the former Government's proposed $2000 cap on tax deductions for work-related self-education expenses.

The Government's decision is a victory for common sense. It is a direct result of the strategic public and behind-the-scenes work of the AMA - on behalf of all doctors and medical students - to get rid of this ill-considered tax on learning.

The AMA prominently lobbied against the proposed cap - on its own and as a founding member of the Scrap the Cap Alliance - since former Treasurer, Wayne Swan, quietly released the ill-informed policy back in April.

The proposed cap would have been a significant disincentive for doctors to continue their training and education throughout their careers. Their patients and communities would have been the ultimate losers.

Quality medical education is expensive. The proposed $2000 cap defied the reality faced by doctors wanting to improve and broaden their skills.

We presented the new Government with a compelling argument to scrap the cap and the Government has responded in the best possible way - the cap is scrapped. This is a huge relief for all doctors.

Getting the cap scrapped shows clearly what the AMA can do for its members. We fight hard in the best interests of doctors and their patients. We present facts and evidence. Governments listen to the AMA.

Our membership, our unity, and our unique knowledge of what is best for the health system are our strengths. We work tirelessly to provide the best possible working environment for doctors and the highest quality health care for the Australian community.

The AMA is much more than a political advocate. We offer our members many benefits, including:

  • Specialised and targeted industrial relations advice;
  • Publications, professional resources, and career, medical and practice advice;
  • Big discounts on high quality products and services; and
  • A strong and influential professional network to support you throughout your medical career.

I invite you to join Australia's peak medical organisation and help make a difference.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Steve Hambleton
AMA Federal President

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