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Stop the CoP

16 May 2014

AMA Victoria strongly opposes a $7 GP co-payment.

This not a “patient contribution” – this is a tax.

This will not make Medicare sustainable – this will end Australia’s much envied, irreplaceable and brilliant universal healthcare system.

This will not stop unnecessary visits – this will result in vulnerable patients deferring medical treatment.

This will not make everyone pay their share – this will create a two-tiered, American-style health system.

This will affect every Australian, as not only is it the end of bulk-billing, it is also a reduction to the Medicare rebate.

The unemployed, mentally ill, elderly, disabled and veterans are not exempt – they will all be hit by this tax.

Joe Hockey suggests that doctors should cover the cost for those that can’t afford it. We say the Government should appropriately fund healthcare for every Australian, especially for those who can’t afford it.

This is not a healthcare policy – this is a tax on primary care.

Victorian doctors do not support this co-payment.

Stop the CoP


We encourage doctors who are currently not members with AMA Victoria to help support this campaign by joining AMA Victoria today.

Media contact
Felicity Ryan
Australian Medical Association Victoria
Mobile: 0437 450 506
Telephone: (03) 9280 8753

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