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  • Abortion - conscientious objection template and information for GPs

    While AMA Victoria supports the decriminalisation of abortion as provided in the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, it appreciates that some members have a conscientious objection to participating in an abortion. Download a conscientious objection to abortion...

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  • Rural VMO Contracts

    The template contract below is endorsed by AMA Victoria and the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association (VHIA) and was the subject of extensive consultation with the Rural Doctors Association of Victoria (RDAV). The template is just that: a...

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  • Template information for TAC/WorkSafe patients on upfront billing

    Private practices may bill patients in a variety of ways, for example, through bulk billing to Medicare, direct billing to other organisations such as WorkSafe Victoria or the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), or by upfront billing to be paid by...

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  • Template letter on nurse practitioner prescribing

    Nurse practitioners[1] in Victoria have been granted the right to prescribe certain Schedule 4 and Schedule 8 drugs (“Certain Scheduled Drugs”), and have the cost of these prescriptions covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule. While this...

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  • Template letter to Podiatrists re: prescribing schedule drugs

    Podiatrists have recently been granted the right to prescribe certain Schedule 4 and Schedule 8 drugs. The Podiatry Board has issued a directive to podiatrists that when they prescribe these Schedule drugs, they must write to the patient’s treating...

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