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Specialists in Public Hospitals

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CME Reimbursement for Specialists

June 2015

Over the last twelve months, AMA Victoria has engaged in a consultative process with the Victorian Hospitals Industrial Association (VHIA) and a number of health service Chief Medical Officers (CMOs). That process was aimed at developing model Continuing Medical Education (CME) Support guidelines and a set of Questions & Answers to improve broad understanding of Clause 19 of the AMA Victoria - Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2013 (the Agreement).

This consultative process has been thorough and robust and conducted with a view to develop material that will help both health services and medical specialists to avoid dispute over the general terms of Clause 19 of the Agreement. It is appreciated that VHIA and CMOs spent considerable time and participated in the consultative process.

Member documents available for download

  • Download the Question & Answers document here (pdf).  
  • Download the Model Guidelines here (pdf). These were developed for use by smaller hospitals (if they wish) that do not have a policy.

One question not answered is the treatment of airfare reimbursement when overseas travel for a conference is combined with annual leave.  We were unable to arrive at an agreed interpretation for this scenario.  Ultimately the issue may be determined during the next round of EB negotiations or by a test case before the Fair Work Commission.

It is important to note the following about the Q & A and Model Guidelines:

  • The documents do not rewrite the obligation/entitlements under the Agreement.  They are only intended to assist with addressing questions in the context of these obligations.  Ultimately you must read the Agreement to be clear on your entitlements.
  • They do not describe continuing professional development rights, entitlements and obligations that existed in your hospital prior to 1 July 2006 (the date on which CME Support first came into state-wide operation) and continue to prevail.
  • The Model Guidelines are not intended to replace or revise any existing CME Support guidelines that health services already have in place. Rather, the document is offered for use by health services that do not have their own guidelines in place.

The VHIA has circulated the documents to its member hospitals. 

A ready reckoner (pdf) prepared by AMAV is available to help determine if your expense is claimable for CME.

For further information contact the AMAV Workplace Relations Unit on 9280 8722.

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