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Specialists in Public Hospitals

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What is the AMA doing for you?

The AMA is working hard to achieve the best outcomes for you and your patients.

After significant lobbying from us, the COAG agreement delivered $1.2 billion, 334 beds and a single funding pool. As a result, Victoria came away with a deal that includes extra funding, a commitment to growth funding, extra beds and no clawback of GST. As a result of our lobbying of the new state government, hospitals will begin publishing outpatient waiting times by July 2011. This will increase transparency and efficiency. 

In December 2013 a new state wide Enterprise Agreement was put in place. For the first time ever, there is a legally enforceable agreement which covers all Specialists employed in Victorian public hospitals. It provides for a 10% increase in salaries and allowances over its four year life, and a number of other employment benefits.

AMA Victoria provides support services tailored to your needs. As a member you can:

  • have your say and contribute to our lobbying of government at your local subdivision meetings and at AMA forums
  • stay current with our weekly electronic newsletter, vicdoc magazine and the Medical Journal of Australia
  • access first-line legal and industrial relations advice and advocacy in case of any disputes with your employer or if you need your employment contract reviewed
  • receive anonymous and confidential support from other doctors during times of stress, through our Peer Support Service
  • be rewarded with significant discounts on a range of commercial services, including finance, travel and business, and
  • attend seminars and professional development courses to help you advance your career.

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