Enterprise Agreement

Enterprise Bargaining - where to now?

A great number of changes have occurred to conditions of both junior and senior medical staff employed in Victorian hospitals. Planning by AMA Victoria and ASMOF over the past two years and negotiations with the employers and Department of Health and Human Services over the past year have been challenging but worth the effort.

A meeting of delegates in September and members in November gave clear direction that we needed to focus on ensuring remuneration moved Victoria closer to other states. It was also clear that using all possible means to settle the campaign in 2017 (if possible) was supported.

In the lead up to December, there had been little movement on salary increases with the Government sticking to its policy position. However we took the opportunity to discuss ‘options’ that were outside of policy but may, if proposed by the Government, settle the dispute.

December was an extremely busy time hammering out a package. Between 19 December and 19 January, we raced to prepare two agreements which are now before you.

The package has three parts – salary increases and changes to the conditions under which you work, along with an agenda for change in the coming months and years.


What is the timeline?

  1. You will be provided with access to a copy of the agreement relevant to you (either Specialist or DiT Agreement) by 5 March. You will have until 14 March to review.
  2. The ballot is expected to open on 15 March until 23 March. Voting will be by electronic ballot. You will be sent details by your hospital. Please keep an eye on your email account. Alternatively contact your hospital medical workforce or HR department.
  3. If successful, your hospital will be included in the new state-wide agreement to be lodged with the Fair Work Commission on 26 March.
  4. The Commission must approve Agreements. Their benchmark is three to 12 weeks from date of lodgement.
  5. Once approved it becomes law and hospitals must implement.


Salary changes


Changes to conditions


A large number of changes apply to both juniors and seniors. These include:

For DiTs

For specialists


Agenda for change

A number of changes will occur within the life of this Agreement. The parties have agreed to set up committees to focus on the following:



To say that these changes are significant is an understatement. Therefore the task of ensuring things change is joint. We must all become familiar with the changes and work with health services to implement them. This will require your support and work. It will also require you to talk to your colleagues about joining the AMA so that we are resourced should an argument occur during this time.

So please:


If you would like to discuss the EBA or any other employment matter, contact the Workplace Relations team on eba@amavic.com.au or (03) 9280 8722.


Geoff O’Kearney

Director, Workplace Relations

AMA Preferred Suppliers